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Whole lake booking for 4/5 max

Easy Booking procedure!!!!.

Text or message me your dates/pay deposit and you're booked!!!

A booking receipt and information pack will be mailed to you  in hours.

Exclusive booking only is  £1,400 which is still very cheap for the fish you are able to target. There are a few single places on escorted trips with Tony Miles, see the facebook group for details.

By 2021 the average size will be close to 50lbs and almost certainly over 70lbs. We are drive and survive and the price reflects this, you are not being charged a thousand pounds for a luxury house and a swimming pool that you probably wont use.

We reward our regular customers with a £200 repeat booking discount and a further £100 for multiple bookings.

Most of our clients are now return customers which reflects the quality of fish

Deposit for 2021 at this point is just £300 which can be done by paypal or please contact me for bank details.

 Jay 07954409129 

Whole lake booking deposit

     Whole lake booking deposit

     please comment on date when            checking out 

2021 deposit